Safe, Sustainable Solar for All

WakaWaka makes sustainable products on solar energy, for everyone

You can help us grow our business and you don't have to do that for nothing! We have developed our informers program for this. How does this work? Very easy! You provide your data and the details of your tip via the "Register Contact" button above.

That's all. We will then contact your candidate and if this evolves in a purchase you will receive a WakaWaka Base 10 from us! 
This program has to follow this procedure. It is not possible to claim a reward after a new customer has closed the deal.

The popular WakaWaka Base 10 is a powerful all-in-one solution on solar energy. Thanks to the super efficient solar panel, after one day of sunlight you have enough power for multiple smartphone charges, or for over a week long lasting and safe light. This Solar Power & Light Kit consists of a folding panel, a powerful battery, two energy-efficient LED lights and comes with a waterproof bag.


Or a good alternative:

If you already have a WakaWaka, we can offer you the following vouchers:

- Tourist ticket worth 50 euros

- Cinema voucher worth 50 euros

- Dinner voucher worth 50 euros

Immediately after the sale of the project, we will send the promotional gift to you. If it does not work during the negotiations for some reason, we will send you a flower as a thank you anyway.